EMS Page

The department has a large number of emergency medical personnel, ranging from the First Responder level to Paramedic.

Because the majority of any departments' calls for service are medical in nature, the GMF/CP FD has a full array of the newest equipment and spends a great deal of it's training hours on emergency medicine. The department has dedicated rescue trucks with Automatic External Defibrillators and every vehicle has basic life support equipment to handle the high volume of emergency calls requiring the fastest response.

A trained Emergency Medical Technician is on duty at the department during the week day hours and medically trained and certified volunteers living in the district respond during the other periods.

Several of the volunteer medics work full time as medical professionals in their daily careers and the combined years of experience of the departments' medical personnel totals more than 100 years! In addition, the departments' roster includes Basic Life Support CPR instructors for both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association and an Advanced Cardiac Life Support instructor for the American Heart Association.

The CPR instructors are available for community CPR classes as schedules permit.

The training hours for the entire departments' firefighters and medics are dedicated to trauma, pediatric and elderly emergencies, cardiac, mental health, diabetic, and other emergency treatment protocols. Ambulance service and transport is provided by Advanced Life Support Paramedics from Ute Pass Regional Ambulance located in Woodland Park, a short distance away.



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