September 1908 Green Mountain Falls Hotel burned down. Soon after the town placed fire hydrants around town. In 1944 a siren was installed on Town Hall's roof. In 1954 the Volunteer Fire Department was formed.

First Fire Truck

First Engine 1910

September 1956, the Green Mountain Falls/Chipita Park Fire Protection district was established. An old weapons carrier purchased from the town became the first fire truck.

An elected board of directors is responsible for administration. Tax levys on properties and additional funds from donations were used to fund purchases.

Emergency phone calls were received by a dedicated group of women who would blow the siren to summon firefighters. Later, a call list was used. If phone lines were busy or if firefighters were out of ear shot, call turn out WAS very sparse.

At present the department has 2 Fire stations to cover the district. Station One in Green Mountain Falls and Station Two in Chipita Park.

Station One houses 4 trucks and Station Two houses 3 trucks.

Since the 1970's the department has had a paid employee on 730am to 430pm Monday through Friday.

(Thanks to Frank Van Arsdale
and John Morgan)

First pumper

First Pumper 1960


Latest Engine 2008